Quality in Optometry England Introduction

GOS Contractor checklist

The Contractor Checklist is made up of three separate checklists, split according to priority as follows:

GOS Contract Compliance.

This is the contract compliance checklist required by NHS England every three years for GOS contractors and checked by them within QiO itself.

NHS Standard Contract checklist

NHS Standard Contract checklists are designed to demonstrate compliance with extended primary eye care contracts (also known as shared care, enhanced or community services). This supersedes the previous GOS QiO Levels 2 and 3 which no longer exist.


The Optical DSPT checklists can be done within QiO itself (DSPT tab).

Practitioner and Staff checklists

These summarise the knowledge that practitioners and staff should have in order to assist a contractor in delivering services that comply with the GOS contract.


The Interactive Audit section allows the creation of multiple audits of two different types, record keeping and infection control.