Quality in Optometry England Audit

Audit seeks to improve the quality and outcome of patient care by clinicians examining their practices against agreed standards and then modifying those practices where indicated. Clinical Audit is therefore about making sure that knowledge is being used to its best effect.

Use the audit tab above for the Record Keeping and Infection Control audits.

Other audits

Other audits could take the form of internal practice audits, or participation in multi-practice audits.

Internal audits could look at a variety of topics including:

Multi practice audits could be carried out by interested practitioners or the LOC. This type of audit can allow benchmarking of aspects of practice the creation of average levels and the comparison of similar topics between practices and can be anonymous if appropriate. It can be particularly interesting to compare your own figures with both the average and the spread of results from others.

The College publish a Framework document for clinical audit, together with recording sheets in Excel spreadsheet format which cover most of the above topics.

Example audit

The following is an example of a simple audit that could be easily conducted in any optometric practice.

Step 1

An optometrist in the practice notices that IOP readings missing from a few record cards when seeing existing patients

Step 2

A practice meeting is convened:

Step 3

A member of the practice support staff spends half a day a week looking through patient records

Step 4

The results show only 80% of patients over 40 have IOPs recorded

Step 5

An analysis of results shows that:

Step 6

A second practice meeting is convened: